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Here at Advanced Spinal Care & Rehabilitation located in the heart of Cambridge, OH, we are excited and passionate about helping people to feel their absolute best in many different ways. Our friendly team led by Dr. Sam Armfield believe in treating our patients in a holistic and comprehensive way by evaluating all components of their unique health needs.

Whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, headaches, or if you just want to reduce your stress, we are here to help you. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals to improve your quality of life through non-surgical restoration and rejuvenation.

At Advanced Spinal Care & Rehabilitation we provide a full range of medical services to help speed your recovery. We are changing the way people think about “Health Care” by providing health care with a difference!

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What Our Patients Are Saying!

“From the initial contact through all treatment, my experience has been positive. A smile and a warm greeting will do wonders to lessen pain.

I am 74 and have multiple back problems. I have rejected surgery for 50 yrs. Chiropractic and physical therapy have improved my strength and posture. Due to the nature of my problems, I will never be completely free of pain but the improvement is remarkable. Treatment is individualized and changes as my progress or lack of progress dictates. The team approach is appreciated.

I was in so much pain when I first contacted Spinal Care that I talked very little; now I seldom shut up. Thanks, staff.”

– Judy W.

“The doctors and all of the staff are extremely compassionate… they work endlessly to give all their patients the best of care… I have been sent to so many doctors and have had more testing then words can express but with no answers… I started many months ago going to Advance Spinal Care… In a short amount of time, my doctor was having me tested on several different illnesses and for the first time, I was getting answers… I have never seen a doctor who knew what issues I had and called them every time… I am forever grateful to the office for helping me find some answers and put me with other doctors in the field I needed help with… I want anyone with pain or undiagnosed issues who cannot find help or peace of mind… Please come see these amazing people, who truly care about every single person who walks through their door… Thank you again to all the staff and I’ll treasure the support I have gotten from you all the rest of my life.”

– Barbie E.

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